Pie watching on the Denby Dale.


So ratty has fallen for my cunning plan and is currently munching his way through copious amounts of poison – him and his band of brothers. Yep there is definitely more than one. But time is running out for the ‘furry few’ the cement is on it’s way. Start running ratty!!

Sadly no running for me, the niggle is getting worse and I can’t really understand why. For once I’ve been good and done what my physio said – sort of and yet the pain and noise is getting worse. I’m sort of hoping that it’s because I haven’t cycled this week, maybe that’s been helping my recovery. I do know that I’m started to get really naffed out with it – I haven’t got time for this injury malarkey!!

Still no running means time for tidying – oh joy. Yep the now repaired hoover has all but finished and normality nearly reigns in the Earnshaw household. Even managed to fit the ‘Asda Big shop’ in and a spot of pie watching………No we really did. Our local garden centre (Hampsons on Denby Dale Road) where we sometimes go for breakfast, keeps changing the things it does. In fact, thinking about it, it doesn’t actually sell much gardening stuff anymore. There’s the florist, bakery, delicatessen, fruit and veg stall, pet shop, knock-off out-off-date food and drink section (it’s well dodgy) pet store and a few plants. Newly launched this week and replacing the carvery – which was a fail – is the pie making factory complete with viewing area – you can spy on the pie……………….What will they come up with next!!

Last day of the holidays

I’m sure I’m due a rest

Bring it on


Queen of………….Ironing!!!

So with Jack doing his best Sleeping beauty impression (he has to have at least 10 hours sleep) and staying in bed until 9:30 I had a chance to attack the ironing pile – and what a pile it was. Even chucking Jack’s school uniform in the bin (it won’t fit come September) did nothing to reduce the size of the mountain taking over the kitchen. But now it’s gone – it took two hours but it’s gone. Trouble is this gorgeous weather ( 4 days now) means the next lot is washed and dried and in the basket waiting – let’s hope he sleeps in tomorrow!

So with the ironing done it was time to head up to the rugby club so Jack could practise his kicking , top tip of the day – don’t wear flip-flops when kicking a rugby ball – it hurts!!!  I’ve got a lovely bruise forming on top of my foot – whoops. Still the flip-flops didn’t hinder my kicking skills – I was just as rubbish as ever.

As the day wore on the weather got hotter and muggier – really not the best of conditions for my second run back – I hate warm weather running as it is. Still needs must if I want my fitness back. Thankfully I had my running friend to drag me round and we had a good old natter into between the bursts  of running. That’s the  world put to rights again.

Just call me the Queen of the Ironing Pile

Bike ride tomorrow

Bring it on


Lazy day Sunday……………..

So the boys made it back from the golf and I have had a blow-by-blow account of what happened – twice. Yep hubby gave me his version of events and then Jack gave me his ‘much’ longer version – bless him – every last detail, he even made it sound interesting!!! They even made it on to the telly – they were in the background heading for the Ice-cream van!!! Glad they enjoyed though – not so glad that we now have John Daly’s (fat American golfer)  broken golf tee taking pride of place on my mantelpiece – as if the house isn’t enough of a mess.

Come ten o clock last night the entire household was asleep, a full day in the fresh air had knocked all of us out, so today we did something we haven’t done for a long time – had a Sunday at home. No rugby, running, golfing or walking  just a day lazing in the garden ( even me) gazing in wonder at that strange yellow glow in the sky……………..Yep day two of the holidays, day two of sunshine and finally for the first time this year we lit the Barbie ( the outdoor one, not the doll!) I can’t believe I’ve spent the day doing nothing but if I’m honest it was much-needed. I know the housework needs doing the garden needs finishing and the ironing pile – you could climb it. But, what the hell I’ve six weeks to catch up- might as well enjoy the sun while it’s here.

 However after a lazy day today, one thing I am going to attempt tomorrow is a run (a short one) With the iron infusion done and the frantic last couple of weeks at work out of the way it’s time to get my fitness levels back before I turn into a total lard arse. So if you see a beetroot huffing and puffing its way around Wakefield tomorrow – don’t be alarmed it’s only me!!


A lazy day in the garden done

Time to get my fitness back

                                      Bring it on

School Holidays and Sun – never!

So first day of the school holidays and with the ‘boys’ away at the British Open (golf – yaawwnn!) though I will admit to taking a sneaky peak at the T.V to see if I could spot them both, I had a day to do anything I wanted. Even better the sun was shinning – so what to do?

Well I could have sat in the sun all day and caught up with all the books, running magazines etc that are piling up and I could have just chilled. But as I’m sure you’ve all gathered by now I’m not very good at chilling. So by ten o clock the Asda big Shop (and it was a big shop) was done and away, 2 loads of washing were hanging on the line and one load was spinning in the machine. By eleven o clock I’d been to B & Q for some fence paint and was in my ‘garden gear’ ready to do battle with the ivy from next door that’s taking over my garden – I won! I also collected a ridiculous amount of cat poo and returned it to its owner – well come on why should I have it all in my garden – I kindly put it in a carrier bag for them and dropped it over the wall!

Then it was painting time – god it was hard work. Maybe its all the rain but my fence has turned into a sponge – one tin of paint has gone already. Mind you by the time I’d finished I was covered from head to toe in brown splodges – the paint was everywhere – oh well. Now my shoulders are throbbing, not sure if it’s the painting or using the shears to hack the conifers so I could get to the fence. Time for  a rest tomorrow I think  – maybe!!

Gardening Started

More sun so I can do the ame tomorrow

Bring it on

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