Bank Holiday Sunday in the Land of the Giants………





So another bank holiday weekend over, not long until the next one, no really it’s not long -try 3 weeks!! Not that we’ve done anything special. I’ve spent most of my extra day off washing, cleaning, ironing and studying, it’s my own fault really. Having spent Saturday cycling (no mishaps this week – we didn’t even get lost)  sunbathing and reading the papers, it was my intention to get all my jobs done on Sunday while Jack was over in Hull playing rugby -the lure of a trip out to East Hull proved too tempting though. Christ knows why. There were some right sights, and I don’t mean the docks and the Humber Bridge!! Why women wander around in nightie and dressing gowns beyond , but at quarter two in the afternoon complete with saggy knockers trailing on the floor -still it takes all sorts!!! Just to add to the ‘why have I come feeling’ Jack’s team lost. To be honest they never stood much of a chance, the opposition had clearly spent the winter break sat in a grow bag, and there was I thinking my son was finally catching up. They were huge, one had a beard (these are U14’s) and most were taller than two of the U16’s who had come to watch -it’s going to be a long season!!!

With the jobs done it was time to get my head in the maths books again, Construction Loci-always a favourite of mine (never bleeding heard of it!) Still now I know where Tommy can plant his tree, how far a dog can wa

nder on a lead and how to draw some random diagram that means absolutely sod all! Measures tomorrow, I can’t wait, hopefully it will be a measure of something alcoholic!!

had a lovely weekend

looks like a soggy sprint in the morning (the Bank Holiday weather has arrived)

Bring it on!

Back to work In The Morning……….Nooooooooooo!

Just a little bit of mud.....

Just a little bit of mud…..

So that’s it, the holidays are over, just where did those two weeks go? The list of holiday jobs is still a list of jobs, I didn’t really do any of them. It’s the weathers fault, I’m not going to stay inside when the sun is shining, I didn’t stay inside on the days it wasn’t shinning either but I’ve got to blame something. On the plus side the cars clean, the garden walls are painted, the fence is painted, the windows are washed, the bird feeders are re-stocked, the lawn is re-seeded, well it was until the birds ate the seed, they clearly didn’t understand me as I pointed to the feeder! It’s fair to say that I’ve been busy. I still managed to find time to get the bike out but what a difference a couple of days can make.

Thursday it was a sunny day by the canal/river, a lovely, if somewhat muddy, ride out to Dewsbury, except I took the wrong turn and ended up near Mirfield. Never the less I did, as I always do, and found my way back. twenty miles done. I then, not on a purpose honest, ended up running 8 miles with my friend, we just sort of forgot that adding a different bit on would make it a longer run -whoops!! Still I was pretty chuffed, I haven’t run that far in a long long time. Friday I couldn’t walk, my legs felt like they weren’t mine, I had no control over them, I gave them a day off. Yesterday, in complete contrast to Thursday, it wanged it down, back to cycling in a mudbath. Two and a quarter hours of splashing through freezing cold puddles, not another cyclist to be seen (can’t think why) and just as we got back the sun came out!!

Today, in-between trying to pretend I haven’t got a hangover, I’ve been getting the work/school stuff sorted -boo! why can’t the holidays last forever? Can’t complain though -its only 3 weeks and 3 days until the next one. Is it worth going back………..

Over 1oo miles cycled

20 miles run

Going back to work for a rest

Bring it on!!















The Sun is Shinning and the Rugby is ………….

sunSo, as is the tradition on Good Friday, it was rugby league derby day with the not so mighty Wakefield Trinity (my team) taking on the currently in form Castleford. On the plus side the sun shone brightly……….that was about it really. We lost !!!! I suppose there are other positives to take from the game, we actually scored more than 6 points, we prevented the opposition from scoring more than fifty points (just!) and Daddy Cool, the club mascot, stuffed Cas’s strange-looking tiger thing in the half time race!!

It’s fair to say being a Wakey fan is somewhat depressing at the moment, we just can’t win. Don’t get  me wrong, for nearly 1/4 of the game we actually looked like we knew what we were doing – the rest of it. Well put it this way we won’t be wasting our hard-earned cash going to the Easter Monday game.

Still the day wasn’t a total let down with another 9 miles logged on the bike this morning, lots of uphills, not many downs and for the second time in 3 days I braved the funny fanny path -you blokes don’t know how lucky you are. Bouncing up and down over tree roots, branches and old train lines doesn’t make for the comfiest of rides -I pedaled the whole thing without stopping though, I am definitely getting better!

A beautiful day

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on

A Short Situation!!


The weather must be confused, day two of the holidays and day two of sunshine, just what is going on??? Not that I’m complaining, I’ve been outside all day long, painting fences and walls, cutting and re- seeding lawns and sorting out the shed – it looks like the indoor jobs will have to wait!
With the jobs done it was time for a run and due to the weather the layers were finally shed – the shorts are out!! New shorts ( well 3/4 length). Alas the new shorts only lasted a mile before I had a wardrobe malfunction – I only pulled the string to tighten the top – it came off in my hand. Great!! Over a mile from home and baggy shorts. Bizarrely, other than the odd shuffle to pull the offending shorts up, I ran one of the best 3 miles for some time. I might wear them every run!

3 miles run in 27 minutes.
Taking the shorts back tomorrow
Bring it on!

A Quiet weekend -maybe not!!!


So a rather quiet weekend in the Earnshaw household , a chance for a bit of a slob about. Something we rarely get a chance to do (well I don’t). Its been the perfect slobbing about weather, windy, wanging it down and in comparison to recent temperatures – a tad chilly. Funny thing is we haven’t spent that long in front of the fire. Jacks spent most of the weekend rolling round the garden with his rugby ball and tackle bag (he loves this time of year – he can’t stand it when its warm) now the grass that we nutured all summer long as disappeared under a mud bath -just how many times can you re-seed one lawn!! I’ve been out on the bike both days, got lost both day and got wet both days -I loved it!

Yesterday I should have been out cycling with the hubby but as his tyre was as flat as a pancake I set off without him and as is always the case when I’m on my own I decided to try a different path -whoops. The path seemed to be up a never-ending hill. My ‘recovering from surgery’ knee, really loved me. But where there’s an up, there’s always a down. Think Julie Andrews singing the hills are alive, only on a bike. You get the idea. Though I don’t recall her screaming “Arrgghh, ‘F**ing Hell” at the top of her voice! It took twenty minutes to get up that hill and two seconds to get down -so unfair!! Still I survived -time for another path. The ‘trick puddle’ path! It really didn’t look like a deep puddle, it didn’t look like much of anything until I was stuck in it. Think Dr Foster (you know, that dude in the Nursery rhyme who went to Gloucester) , that was me (there’s some right comparisons on this blog today!) one minute I was skimming the top of the puddle next minute I was knee-deep….

So you would have thought that today when I headed out (hubby was recovering from the lads night out -wuss!) I might have learnt my lesson. Well in my defence it was only a little path. A path to bloody nowhere (again) Just to add to the fun I had to battle my way through the brambles. Bikes and brambles don’t mix, bloody things were wound round the pedals and everything. I had to carry my bike above me to get through. I came to a fence which said “ELECTRIC FENCE DO NOT TOUCH”  Mmmm,I thought, I don’t think so -it was made of wood. I may be blonde but I’m not stupid! (Didn’t stop me poking it with a stick first to check though!!) So under the fence I went, through more brambles and came to…..A field of horses -real ones that jump fences (!). Bugger, it was the horses or death by wooden electric fence and brambles. The brambles won!

Loving exploring

Survived electrocution

Bring it on

Forty Two Years to Find Myself!!!

All in all it’s been a pretty relaxing weekend (probably just as well as I’m heading off on a school residential tomorrow -eek!) It was also a weekend of firsts. For the first weekend ever I didn’t go to any junior rugby, not that it wasn’t on, it was. But there are things that happen that make you realise life is too short and that some things just aren’t worth it -shame it’s taken me the best part of six years to reach that point but still. So yesterday I went shopping with the hubby, proper shopping. Wandering around and looking shopping, not dashing round frantically and heading home because there’s something else to do -it was bliss.

Maybe it was my bliss like state that caused me to do something else I haven’t done in a while, I bought a dress, in fact I bought two – I’m not sure what came over me, not only did I buy them but even more shocking -they were girlie dresses!! Don’t get me wrong I have been known to wear the odd girlie dress now and then, in fact my wedding dress astounded most people. I remember going into the bridal shop declaring I wanted the plainest dress they had (I also remember my eyes lighting up when I spotted some silk Doc martens and my mum’s look of horror!!) I still to this day don’t know how they persuaded me to try the meringue number on never mind actually wear it! It’s only taken me 42 years to realise I can actually pull this ‘girlie look’ off!!!

Back to normal tomorrow

Can’t do the girlie look on a zipwire

Bring it on!!!

Too Busy To Blog……Maybe

I’m not really sure how a whole week has passed me by without me blogging but it has. Don’t get me wrong it has been a busy week (when is it anything else) but I don’t recall it being that busy. Still nothing like a good catch-up!!

Last Tuesday saw me lost twice in one day, the first time while out cycling and the second time out walking -if there’s one thing I’m good at it’s getting lost. I always find my way back, eventually and even better I find things I never knew existed along the way -I never knew Wakefield and the surrounding area had so many nature parks and lakes!!

Wednesday was a ‘back to school day’, all things considered it wasn’t a bad start to the final half term. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many P.E lessons in one week and dare I say it, in the glorious sunshine, it was fab. Cricket, football, rugby and good old rounders -who needs holidays abroad when you can have outdoor P.E?

In between the cycling and work I’ve been patiently waiting to get a snap or two of the birds on the feeder -I’m far to impatient. Plus I’m sure the sodding birds are taking the p**s. Theres loads of them stuffing their faces until I get my camera out then they all bugger off -still I got some great shots of Sid The Squirrel!!!

Cycled 50+ miles in the last week

hope the good weather lasts

Bring it on

The Game That Never Was and the Game That Was a Whole Lot Better Than it Should Have Been…..


At last, blue skies, wall to wall sunshine, not a rain cloud to be seen. This Summer Rugby League marlakey was finally going to live up to what we were promised. Basking in the sunshine

Comebacks on!!!

Comebacks on!!!

watching our kids play. Then the telephone rang. Due to a monumental cock-up there was no game, half the opposition team were on their jolly hols, and rightly so -it is half term after all. Trouble is despite them cancelling 2 weeks ago no one thought to tell us, then when they did let’s just say that instead of crossed wires we had crossed Emails and unfortunately the one that said ‘the games off’ didn’t appear until today. Oh well, people are only human and mistakes are easily made, though looking at some of the posts on a local rugby forum you’d think it was a matter of life and death -yes the keyboard warrior strikes again!! There are some really sad people out there!

So with no game yesterday we had to wait  until today for our rugby fix, trouble is it was Wakefield v Wigan and our form in recent weeks meant we didn’t have a hope in hell. ………..Wrong!! We nearly caused the upset of the season and won -and to think I very nearly stayed home to finish topping off the tan. Yep at long last Wakefield played with a bit of pride and passion  – if only you got points for effort. Hopefully the corner has been turned and Wakefield’s form is returning -watch this space!!

Beautiful Weather

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on!!

A Magic Weekend…………..

I wasn’t really sure how I’d feel this morning, I should have been in Scotland running the Edinburgh Marathon -alas it was not to be. I’ve remained hopeful all year that I would be able to run it, but come March it was becoming very apparent that it wasn’t going to happen. To be honest -looking at the rather warm conditions that today’s weather brought, I wasn’t that disappointed that I couldn’t do it. I’ve run marathons in the heat before and they’re a nightmare. You spend all Winter training hard in the hope of getting a PB only for the heat to get in the way -it’s happened to me twice in London, though I did get a PB -just not the one I wanted (us runners are never happy!) it is so annoying.

With the running out of the window, its been a rugby weekend. Seven games in the sunshine. Thankfully we opted not to go to Manchester, to say Wakefield were rubbish is an understatement. I would have been bloody annoyed if we’d forked out to watch that -I’ve seen U10’s play better rugby. So it’s been a rugby in the garden weekend courtesy of Sky Go. It shows how times have changed -I’ve known us carry the portable telly out into the garden in days gone by. Though why we called them portable I’ll never know -they weighed a ton! Still on the plus side if the aerial broke you could replace it with a wire coat hanger you can’t do that nowadays…….

Starting to get a tan

Will the sunshine last

Bring it on

Holiday Heaven………….

It will be tidy soon.......

It will be tidy soon…….

Well it’s day two of the half term holidays and carnage still reigns in the spare room (both of them!). It’s the weathers fault. For those in the know I’m an outdoor kind of girl, so if you think I’m going to stay in sorting the chaos that remains after decorating Jacks room (that’s the downside of spare rooms -they become dumping grounds!) while the sun shines,you’ve got another thing coming! So I’ve washed the car, washed the windows inside and out (the house ones not the car) tidied the garden, returned the cat shit to its appropriate owner (next door but three) well come on, why can’t it shit in its own garden? I did put it in a carrier bag first, I could have just wanged it over her lawn. I’m sure if I sent my guinea pig round to crap on her garden she’d have something to say -except he’s been dead  months (R.I.P fluff) but you get the idea.

I have done a little more sorting today (I lasted an hour) but the call of the sunshine was too great and I abandoned it for a walk by the river with Jack and his mate. While Jack is quite used to the pace of my power walks, with the odd break thrown in to photograph something, his mate clearly isn’t. I thought I was going to have to carry him the last mile home. Still he must have enjoyed it, he asked if we could go again – on our bikes. I’ll pedal slow……..honest!!

Loving the sun

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on

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