Too Busy To Blog……Maybe

I’m not really sure how a whole week has passed me by without me blogging but it has. Don’t get me wrong it has been a busy week (when is it anything else) but I don’t recall it being that busy. Still nothing like a good catch-up!!

Last Tuesday saw me lost twice in one day, the first time while out cycling and the second time out walking -if there’s one thing I’m good at it’s getting lost. I always find my way back, eventually and even better I find things I never knew existed along the way -I never knew Wakefield and the surrounding area had so many nature parks and lakes!!

Wednesday was a ‘back to school day’, all things considered it wasn’t a bad start to the final half term. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many P.E lessons in one week and dare I say it, in the glorious sunshine, it was fab. Cricket, football, rugby and good old rounders -who needs holidays abroad when you can have outdoor P.E?

In between the cycling and work I’ve been patiently waiting to get a snap or two of the birds on the feeder -I’m far to impatient. Plus I’m sure the sodding birds are taking the p**s. Theres loads of them stuffing their faces until I get my camera out then they all bugger off -still I got some great shots of Sid The Squirrel!!!

Cycled 50+ miles in the last week

hope the good weather lasts

Bring it on

The Year of the Blog……


What a day…..

I think I’ve done quite a lot in the last year -I’ll give a full run down tomorrow. But in a nutshell, despite everything that’s come my way I’ve still made it to the end of the year smiling and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything I’ve done. I never thought at the beginning of 2012 that by the end of the year I would be cycling daily – the Olympics has a lot to answer for. But then again I didn’t expect to be dancing on the playground trying to break a world record (Olympics again) or Running ridiculous amounts of laps of the school field (sport relief) and then there was the cricket,Jack’s rugby (Yorkshire Champion again)  oh and a little race in the Olympic Stadium – what a day. So you can have my full review tomorrow.

In the meantime I hope I haven’t bored you all too much and that you have enjoyed some of my ramblings and rants – have a great new year see you in 2013.

What a year

Here come’s 2013

Bring it on

Roll on Next Sunday …………..

cold-feetWell I was intending to blog about Jacks League winners presentation – but I won’t bother, it didn’t exactly go to plan. You can’t have a presentation without trophies. Don’t get me wrong they turned up eventually – just a few hours later than expected. To be honest it’s a long story and a good idea that didn’t work. Hence lots of complaining  from lots of people – all I can say is roll on this time next Sunday when it will no longer be my problem. Why I ever said I’ll sort stuff to till the end of the season when we ended up with no manager I’ll never know. But I’ve learned my lesson after the best part of 4 seasons sorting stuff out I won’t be taking it on again.

On the brighter side, hubby and I had a fab bike ride this morning,13 miles of  beautiful frosty sunshine. I only wish I’d taken my camera. It was the sort of morning that if time had allowed we would have stopped for a coffee by the riverside – lets hope for a frosty christmas holidays – I know where we’ll be heading.

13 miles cycled

Anyone got any top tips for keeping my feet warm

Bring it on


Jack the Gymnast and the Over-worked Camera

So whose turn was it to have a moment to shine today? Well…….no, I need to change the topic now, can’t  really do three days of the same thing – or can I. Come Friday it might be Jack’s moment to shine – yep my sport  loving son has been picked for the Schools Olympic football team Gymnastic Team. Well he was on the football team until the female P.E teacher asked for a boy volunteer to join the girls in the gymnastic team – now he didn’t exactly volunteer his services, more acted the goat doing his best hand stands – that was all it took – he was in. He’s not happy! I suppose it doesn’t help when I keep telling him he’ll get extra points if he pulls his leotard out of his bum – poor kid! God knows what he’ll be doing come Friday – I can’t wait, might have to turn up with my camera!!

Mind you, I think I’ve overdone the camera this week, over 1500 pictures already and we’re only on Wednesday. What with the Olympic Flame, Sports Day and Cricket, I’ve plenty to go at and if that’s not enough I came home and took some pictures of clouds – no really. They we’re interesting clouds and I wanted to play about with the white balance – I failed. More practise needed. Mmmm, wonder what I can photograph tomorrow……………………

Square Eyes from viewing all the photos

Finish cropping the tomorrow

Bring it on

Another Moment to Shine………………….

So who shone today? Well the sun did for a start (two days in a row – wahoo!) – not that you would have thought so at 6 this morning when thick  fog was lingering – still at least no-one could see me huffing n puffing on my first early morning run for ages.

 So with the sunshine came school sports day – a miracle that it happened the first time of asking, but it did. This year – with it being Olympic year, it was World Sports Day. Come 9:30 the whole school was lined up on the school yard, 15 different countries proudly carrying their flags. Bless em.

Now at our school we no longer follow the traditional running races type sports day and instead have 15 different events that a whole team(mixed ages) take part in, gaining points for how many times they complete a different event. The emphasis more on having fun and working as a team than the actual winning. Now there are those who totally disagree with the ‘it’s the taking part that counts’ approach (usually the pushy parents whose little darlings win everything) but there is a lot to be said for children having fun  while getting fit. Don’t get me wrong, I do think kids need to learn about winning and losing and more importantly how to deal with both. But if a child is constantly deflated by coming last ( I was always last – I know how it feels!) how are you supposed to get them to love taking part?

Today, the smiley faces were there for all to see, in fact I took over 1000 photos of smiley faces, and it was great to see some parents really getting behind the teams and encouraging all in that team not just their own child. Not one glum face, because they’d come last or not made the final. The only glum faces were the pp’s*

So who shone most today – apart from the sun. Hate to say it but for the second day in a row ,the kids, from year six for organising the events through to the reception kids for giving it there all  – it really is their year to shine.

* pushy parents

World Sports Day Done

Inspired me so much I ran twice today

Cricket tomorrow

Bring it on

The Blogs Back……………………

So firstly, apologies for no blog last night but it really was ‘one of those days’. To be honest,I should have seen the warning signs early doors when I put my barefoot on a slug while putting the recycle box out and my milk falling threw the sainburys bag as I carried the shopping to the car was a dead give away. Maybe I should of headed back to the sanctuary of home there and then. The day got no better after that and come 9pm when Jack reeled off a list of ingredients he needed for cooking the next day I gave up.

So, a new dawn( I mean the early morning one – not me!) meant a new day and thankfully, all in all, it was a much better one. Wednesday is cricket day – wahoo. And after learning how to windmill our arms to bowl last week ( I still can’t do it) this week it was time for an almost real game. Mmm! My job – to score. Easy you may think. Only in cricket it depends which way the umpire is waving is arms as to how many points runs you get. I must confess, it took me a while to get the hang of it. still, I soon had the ‘four’ and the ‘wide’ sussed. But when the Sri- Lankan cricketing dude raised both hands in the air I thought he was waving and waved back…………….Apparently its a six – durr!!!

So after work it was a quick dash into town to get birthday cards for my baby who will be twelve on Friday – TWELVE – where the hell did that time go. I want my little boy back – the little boy who asked easier questions. So I’ll leave you with Jack’s question of the day, which came about after seeing Brian Dowling (gay dude) on an advert for Big Brother……..

“How does your voice know you’re gay?”

Answers on a postcard please……………………

Back to normal now

(thats a laugh in our house!)

21 again tomorrow

Bring it on


Reality is Really Rubbish!!!

So now I really know I’m back to reality – yep the curse of the R.E homework has struck again…….. Jack was given a project to do on the Friday they broke up, they had to work in pairs and do a biography on Muhammad ‘Pbuh’ (!). It has to be in this Friday. The biggest problem was that he could hardly work with his partner when he was in Wakefield and we were in Orlando. So bless em, they decided he’d do the first half and Jack would do the second. Only problem is Jack only got the first half back today, and it seems the first half was the easy bit!!!!!

So we’ve (I’ve) spent the last hour reading up on this amazing (not) guy. Now the internet is great, but…..I’ve looked at 4 different websites and not one of them has the same tale – really helpful that. On top of that, when I’ve read the bit his mates done its, well, lets just say he’s got things a bit mixed up. apparently M.’PbuH’ retired when he was 40 and meditated in the mountain – what he meant to say was he retreated to the mountain – nearly the same! It’s going to be a long night!!

Is it nearly the school holidays (!!)

Going to do my best to be more awake tomorrow

Bring it on!!!

Keep On Running…………………..

Me watching DIY SOS

Well I was going to do a ‘woe is me’ blog tonight. It’s fair to say I’m not feeling at my best at the moment, I’d forgotten just how rough being iron deficient can make me feel. I spent half the night sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for the dizzy spells and sickness to pass, and had it not been for SAT’s at work I could have honestly stayed home. But I’ve just watched DIY SOS (flaming programme made me cry – again!) that poor guy on there with motor neurone disease kind of put everything into perspective. So to hell with it, I’ll keep running and take my chances, as you never know what’s round the corner. In a month or two’s time I’ll be back to normal (well as normal as I can be for me!!) that guy won’t.  The fact of the matter is there is always someone been dealt a tougher blow than you, might as well just get on with it…..So I am.


So after a shaky start to the day, it’s fair to say I brightened up a bit when I got all the answers on the maths paper right (well I would have done if I’d been doing it!) I know, I know, they’re tests for 11 year olds, but honestly you should see some of the questions they get – can’t wait for level six next week (I’ve no chance!!) To further brighten my day I had the cricket to look forward to – never in a million years did I expect to be saying that!!  Yep the Sri Lankan dudes were back in school – only downside was we had an even number of kids so I couldn’t play – boo – might have to injure one of them before next week!! (I AM JOKING) Anyway we had a full on quick cricket game today – it was ace – don’t think the Sri Lankan dude fully understood my shouts  of encouragement though. ‘has your bat got a hole in it?’ self explanatory really ‘Come on butter fingers’ well I can see where he’s coming from, I think he’s finally concluded I’m stark raving mad, got to agree with him if I’, being honest!

So with my mood lifted I headed home to see if the housework fairy had been – wishful thinking really as she buggered off to Cyprus at the start of the week ( Hope your having a fab time X) So with the lads golfing (again) I took full advantage and whizzed through the house (all 4 floors) like a woman possesed, job done. Give it half a day it will be like a bombsite again – still nice while it lasts!!!


Mood lifted

Running tomorrow

Bring it on

Arty Farty Earnshaws……………..

Never, ever in a million years did I expect to say this, but…………….. When I woke this morning I was really looking forward to playing CRICKET!!! Yep, thanks to two Sri Lankan dudes coming in to school to show us how to play for real, I’m starting to sort of like it -eek!!! Over- arm throwing today – easy when you know how. All those years I’ve wasted throwing like ‘a right girl’ now I know how to do it properly -sort of. I even made it to the last 2 in the throwing game  (why am I bragging about beating 24 kids!!) something I’d never have done when I was younger. No Sri Lankan dudes in my day though!! The only thing I didn’t understand today was ‘the crease’, I’ve already forgotten which bit of the pitch/field/green (what do you call where you play in cricket?) it’s on. Only crease I know is the one I put in hubby’s work trousers!!!

It must have been the day for having a go at new things, as when I got home I did some sewing – no really. Now sewing is something I DON’T do, never,never,ever. Sewing is hubby’s job in our house – mainly cos I’m bleeding useless at it. But tonight I’ve well and truly excelled myself. Meet ‘Otis’ the Owl, made by my own fair hands. We need him at school, he’s going to sit on a baseball hat for a homeless charity(the charity is for the homeless, it’s not the charity that’s homeless!!) called CAP – I hope they like him.

It’s definately been an arty sort of day in the Earnshaw household, Jack has finally finished his ‘Van Gogh’ masterpiece and I’ve got to say it’s pretty good. (well, be honest, I’m not going to say it’s crap – I’m his mum!)They had to do their own version of a Van Gogh painting in anyway they wanted. If his art teacher doesn’t like it she can van gogh off!! It’s taken him al week. God know’s how we’re going to get it to school in the morning though, its huge………..

Spot the difference








Arty Farty Day Done

Back to running tomorrow

Bring it on

Vocation, Vocation, Vocation

Today I finally decided what my vocation in life should have been – shame I reached that decision twenty five years too late. I don’t know why I’ve come to this decision now – maybe it’s the stuff I’ve been doing at work – swimming, wendy-ball, cricket and the Olympic Big Dance, or maybe it’s my love of running, walking, watching rugby at all levels, and generally being outside. But I think I should have been a PE teacher – if I had said this to my PE teacher all those years ago, she’d have probably cracked up in hysterical laughter – after all I was the chubby ‘class swot’ kid, always one of the last to be picked in games. But now the boots on the other foot, no longer a swot and defo not chubby. I suppose I’ll just have to make the best of what I do now – cos by the time I qualify as a teacher I’ll be teaching PE on a zimmerframe – why do you need a degree to teach kids – surely the school of life should count for something……….

Still PE teacher or not there was plenty of sport to get on with today. Good news is we’ve now completed learning the ‘Big Dance’ and some of year 6 now know it without watching the dodgy choreographer dude on the big screen – we’ll be perfection come ‘big Dance Day’ next week. Dancing out of the way it was time for wendy-ball and this week I managed to sneak on the pitch and play – technically I was meant to be refereeing  – I just kept getting in the way!!!!

Work over, Jack training, it was time  for a nice hilly seven miler with my running mate. Great run tonight, a nice steady pace, steadiest we’ve managed in a few weeks – held a conversation all the way round. We may run out of puff but we never run out of converation!!! A new(ish) route meant we came across a new killer dog, thankfully it’s stuck behind a fence ( for now) shame we didn’t realise that before we dived in front of an on-coming car – bet the poor fella wondered what was happening! Suicidal runners…………….Whoops!!!!!

7.5 miles in 1:13:07

Running tomorrow

Depends on Van Gogh!!!!!

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