Does Cleaning Count………


Just a quick blog as its back to work tomorrow which is going to be a killer having been off for the best part of seven weeks, and there was me saying I’d only need a few days off after my op-how wrong can you be? Still, I’m heading in the right direction now and will be glad too be back, though right now the 5:50 alarm is filling me with dread, I think it might be a short gym session after work tomorrow!!!

Anyway back to today and in between the ‘cleaning the house from top to bottom cos I’m going back to work’ (why do we do it!?!), I sneaked in a steady 40 lengths at the pool, I would have liked to have done more but with the knee twinging I thought better of it.  (see I really have changed -this time last year I’d have carried on anyway!!) If only cleaning counted as exercise, I could’ve have logged a bit extra!!

40 lengths done

gym and work tomorrow

Bring it onzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

P.S does anyone know of a device you can wear to measure how far you’ve swam – I keep losing count!?!?!


The Non-running Mum on the Run…………….

Out of order!!

Out of order!!

So I’m back, a new year new start and all that malarkey. Except this year is slightly different. Yep, 2015 is my first year as an official non-runner. Its not going to be easy, running has been a huge part of who I am for so long, but 2 knee operations in the space of 15 months has put an end to my running career. Still, I’m happy, healthy and have a fab family -it’s not the end of the world -its just going to take a bit of getting used to!!

I wasn’t going to do Janathon this year, however its my motivation to stick to my physio program and ensure I fit some exercise in in-between work, my degree and my science GCSE course -I think I’m going to busy!!!

40 lengths done

gym session tomorrow

Bring it on!!

A Non-drip Iron…………………..Maybe Not

trafficjamshutterstock_74043355So another weekend is almost over and yet again I’m sat here wondering where it’s gone. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a busy one (when is it anything else) but does it have to go so fast. Granted most of Saturday was spent in an alcoholic haze, I didn’t have a hangover, mainly because it was dinnertime before I started to sober up, but I sure as hell knew I’d been out. Yep, Friday night was the staff Christmas night out and yet again I sort of forgot  I’m not 21 anymore, too much dancing and far too much crappy lager (just how are they allowed to sell dishwater!) didn’t make for a lively Dawn. Not a good move really when we were heading to the rugby world cup – still I am proud to say that I was a member of the last man standing gang again so it was worth it…….I think!!

Yesterday we were Manchester bound to watch Australia and England (a girl can dream!) New Zealand play at Old Trafford, seemingly half the population of the UK were heading in the same direction. What should have been an hours journey took well over two, good job we set off early. Still it was a great afternoon out and I am now officially a world record holder – granted so were the other 75,000 people in the crowd but I can now add being part of the largest ever crowd at a rugby league World Cup Final to my other claims to fame (singing at the Royal Albert Hall and having one of The Brotherhood of Man as my babysitter!!)

So after a well deserved lie-in it today was ‘time to catch-up with the housework’ day -all was going well until the iron spluttered its last puff of steam and died -joy. So a quick trip to Homebase was called for, all was going well, I picked a new iron, paid and was back in the car within ten minutes. Then I realised my jeans were soaked (no I’m not at that age yet!!) there was water dripping from the box. So back in I went, the box was opened and it appeared someone had obviously  tried the iron, decided they didn’t like it and returned it -shame they didn’t think to empty the water out first. Shame some one managed to put it on the shop without realising it was leaking – still I got a fiver off for my trouble!!!

Another Weekend gone

Back to work tomorrow

Bring it on (!!!)

Reciprocal Rehearsals……………

Just where does the time go, the dust barely seems to have settled on ‘Big Bad Ben’ The Nativity, and now rehearsals are in full flow for this years Christmas production – a whole year gone!!! Good news is this years could be the best one yet, granted it’s not the most politically correct production ever but it sure is funny!! ‘Away With the Manger’ a tale of two robbers, a school play and a french policeman with the dodgiest accent ever (think Allo Allo) add to that songs about morning sickness and K.I.S.S.I.N.G and you get the idea. Not too sure what class 5 thought of my rousing singing practice this morning though (I’m tone-deaf) I can’t make my mind up if they were laughing with enjoyment or taking the p*** out of my singing. Still they left for lunch with a smile on their face.

Come college this evening I was the one the with the smile on my face, the results from last weeks mock Maths GCSE were in – I passed. 100% is not bad for a first go!!!! Well chuffed.

Not quite as blonde as I seem.

Reciprocal Numbers Next -not a chuffing clue

Bring it on!!

The Year of the Blog……


What a day…..

I think I’ve done quite a lot in the last year -I’ll give a full run down tomorrow. But in a nutshell, despite everything that’s come my way I’ve still made it to the end of the year smiling and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything I’ve done. I never thought at the beginning of 2012 that by the end of the year I would be cycling daily – the Olympics has a lot to answer for. But then again I didn’t expect to be dancing on the playground trying to break a world record (Olympics again) or Running ridiculous amounts of laps of the school field (sport relief) and then there was the cricket,Jack’s rugby (Yorkshire Champion again)  oh and a little race in the Olympic Stadium – what a day. So you can have my full review tomorrow.

In the meantime I hope I haven’t bored you all too much and that you have enjoyed some of my ramblings and rants – have a great new year see you in 2013.

What a year

Here come’s 2013

Bring it on

Technofogies and Flowers…….

A bit of a mish mash of things going on today what with running playing with my camera, sorting out the old folks netbook (well it’s Jacks netbook actually) and going out for tea -busy busy!!

Thankfully there was some blue sky and a tiny bit of sunshine today along with the howling winds and showers. I knew my only way to get out there with my camera and take advantage of the bright sky was to abandon my usual walks and head for somewhere closer to home……the cemetery. Yes we live across the road from our cities main cemetery – a bit creepy you may think. But actually, apart from the days when there’s a funeral on, it’s a lovely place to look out onto -especially this time of year when beautiful flowers, holly wreaths and even a full set of fairy lights (I’m not kidding) fill the view. So  I headed there, to be honest I will definitely be going back, hopefully on a less windy day. I got some lovely shots, the only downside was that to get the best view I had to all but lay down – I thought crawling through bushes was bad enough, laying on graves is a new one on me. I must confess to getting a few strange looks and when a police car drove in the cemetry gates I thought some one had rung to say there was a loony on the loose. Still the lady I spoke to didn’t seem to mind when I told her what I was doing – hopefully most other people will be the same.

So with the camera work done for the day I headed round to my mums to sort the laptop out -she killed hers last week and it’s heading back to Samsung as we speak. To keep her going I lent her Jack’s netbook, showed her how to use it and left it with her. 24 hours later she’d killed that as well…….Well she thought she had, but she’d got a bit confused with the on switch thinking you had to use it to turn it off as well. By the time both my mum and dad had done pressing the button the netbook had clearly thought ‘sod it’ and refused to come on at all!!

It’s all sorted now- silver surfers,you’ve got to love them!!

With the laptop sorted I’d just time to fit in a sneaky 3 miles before tea, it was bloody hard going if I’m honest the wind was howling and my knee didn’t want to play – still I did it and I can still walk -just!!

Busy day done

Wondering what to photograph tomorrow

Bring it on

Macro Manoeuvres

So with the sun out it was time to head out and play with my new macro filter – perfect conditions. Shame the sun was playing at silly buggers and by the time I got to my destination it was playing the best hide and seek game ever -it had hidden for the day, add to that the wind had got up,so the things I wanted to take close up shots of were merrily waving about -brill!! Still I’m not one to give up -and I wasn’t going to head home with no photos having already walked nearly 2 miles so I improvised.

Now crawling about in bushes isn’t really my thing, but the wind wasn’t getting lower down in the undergrowth and needs must. I must confess I got some strange looks from passers-by,(let’s be honest, it’s not the first time!) especially the ones I made jump crawling out from banking (really sorry). By the time I got home I was filthy -but I had fun. Granted the weather didn’t help me get the shots I wanted and I’m not sure whether I should leave my UV filter lens on or off with the close up filter but it wasn’t a bad first time effort – time to do some more research.

Had fun playing out with my camera

Hoping for better weather tomorrow (!)

Bring it on

Camera Capers……..

Well I didn’t get to play with my camera in quite the way I wanted to but I had a little play all the same. Unfortunately the weather put an end to my  plans to get out for a walk and have a play with my new close up filter -its a +4 (!?!?), if I’d have gone out this morning when the sun was attempting to shine (it wasn’t doing a very good job!) I might have had a chance of getting a few shots but by the time I got out there everything was grey and dull -Boring!! Then it wanged it down -fab!! I do wish I’d gone for a long walk though I get bored far too easily when I’m stuck indoors. It was my boredom that led to me getting the camera out -my model for the day -the christmas tree.

I didn’t get to use my macro lens the way I wanted to there wasn’t enough natural light (I think!) but I had a mess about with taking pictures of moving lights -my tree lights flash. To be honest it’s defo going to be a case of practise makes perfect -some of them were a blurry mess and I didn’t get the outcome I expected, but I got some shots that might be worth photoshopping (get me!!) we’ll see how it works out.  I do need to start writing down what I’m doing though cos now I can’t remember which setting I used- arrghh. 

Practise makes perfect

Hoping for some sunshine tomorrow

Bring it on

Boxing Day Buffet…………..

Wembley Construction......

Wembley Construction……

So not exactly a huge lie-in -I was up by nine. Still it gave me a chance to put everything straight in the kitchen – for a short time at least. wish I could say the same for the living room- it still looks like a bombs gone off. Theres the Xbox out, Lego Wembley is under construction, piles of unwrapped prezzies are everywhere and we have more rugby shirts drapped round the room than JJB (well we would have done if it hadn’t shut-down!!) Then there’s my new flashy cycle helmet – you won’t miss me. My monopod for my camera – can’t wait to play with that and some books to help me become a better photography – miracles might happen!!! Maybe tomorrow I’ll get round to tidying some of it, today I thought ‘sod it’ and went for a run instead.

If I’m honest it wasn’t a bad run -3 miles in 24 1/2 minutes. The furthest I’ve gone in a while (seems ridiculous when I used to do 10 miles at least twice a week but it’s short runs or nothing) and definitely one of the fastest. I was pretty impressed with my time especially as it was pretty windy and I’m currently swigging from a cough medicine bottle – my winter hack is back -the joys of being an asthmatic runner!! Still I’m not one to moan! The other good thing was my knee didn’t feel too bad to say I’d added an extra half mile on – it wasn’t niggle free but less of a niggle than in the past – I won’t say the comebacks on though. It always goes tit’s up when I do!!

Nice to see a few other runner out there, all nodding approvingly at one another for making the effort -I even did the ‘dance round the signpost dance’ – you know the one – two runners running towards one another, who steps left or right, then you both step the same way -could have been even faster if  I’d knocked the dancing off!!

So now I’m on with the buffet tea – you know the kind. Nibbles, sliced meats, pizza’s and the all traditional ‘pork pie’ -all out on the kitchen table to get when you’re ready -my kitchen stayed tidy for all of ….well not very long really!!

Another run done

Hoping to play with the camera tomorrow

Bring it on!!

It’s Christmas………


So this time yesterday the house was spotless – everything where it should be fast forward 24 hours and the house looks like a bombs dropped. Christmas Day – you can’t beat it. You spend a week getting everything sorted and a full day preping food. In no time at everything is demolished. Still we’ve had a fab day, got some lovely prezzies and are all looking forward to a lie-in tomorrow. Can’t believe I’ve spent an hour trying to work out how to knit with a dolly and Jack has discovered the joys of blow football!! Can’t wait to get the tiddlywinks out – I love buying daft prezzies!!

A great day
Sleep in in the morning
Bring it on!

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