Janathon Day 18 – that’ll Bib Rage Day………

It really can’t be that hard, can it? You go to the PE store get out the bibs you need and when you’ve done you put them back where you found them – judging by the state I found them in – it clearly is!!! I did wonder why it was taking the girls from year 6 so long to find them for me – poor kids – sports bibs were spread over every shelf going!!! I’d like to say I remained calm and dignified -I didn’t!!! Thankfully most of the kids already think I’m bonkers so they never blinked so much as an eyelash when I stamped my feet and yelled!!! Still they are all back safely in their colour coded boxes ( the bibs not the kids) and I’m feeling much calmer now. I think the mile run when I finished work helped.
Well over the Janathon halfway mark
Another mile logged
Bring it on



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