Snow stopping me……….

So the snow has arrived this evening – get ready for mass panic, scaremongering news reports and the trains having to stop running due to the wrong kind of snow -its always the same – a few flakes and everything grinds to a halt. Still on the plus side it could have snowed whilst we were out on the bikes this morning – which could have been fun on top of the frozen puddles, there wasn’t much mud splattering today more chunks of ice in the face. But with another 21.4 miles in the bag, I’m not complaining – my little legs are though!!! That’s the Janathon halfway mark crossed, let’s hope the snows gone in the morning or I might have to get the Yaktracks out and if my memory serves me right, just like trains, they’re rubbish in the ‘ wrong kind of snow’. 😉
Longest cycle in months completed
A short run planned tomorrow
Bring it on


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  1. CeeJayKay
    Jan 17, 2016 @ 05:06:31

    Lol! Yup up here in the Peak District it’s snowing too! Arghhhh! I wonder is they gritted… They don’t usually!
    I have YakTrax… Never managed to stay upright on them!


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