A Short Blog -I’m in Shock!!!

So I’ve spent most of the day wandering around in a daze, in fact I’m sat here staring at the screen in disbelief, I thought it would have sunk in by now, but it hasn’t. Maybe if I write it down it will seem more real. Today, the unthinkable happened, Today 27 years after failing my first exam…….

I got an A in my Maths GCSE.

Don’t get me wrong, I worked really hard, I knew I could get more than a C, which is why I went for the higher paper in the hope of getting a B. But then disaster struck. Come exam week I became really ill with food poisoning, I’d all on sitting up never mind taking an exam. I came out of the first exam feeling like I’d blown it and just hoped upon hope that a C would still be possible. Which is probably why what was inside that envelope today came as such a shock. Fingers crossed the Science GCSE I start in September goes as well!!

A great result

The hours of swotting paid off

Bring on the Science!!

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