Queen of Quadratics – maybe not!!

This time last week we were BBQing, having spent a few hours sitting in the garden revising, as the weekend continued the weather got better. Fab, I thought, not only did I have 2 days off looming, I had 2 child free days off. Time to make the most of the dry weather and take the bike on a magical mystery tour………….Thursday morning the rain arrived, it still hasn’t stopped!! It hasn’t been light rain, it’s been non-stop wanging it down rain – typical!!
Still, every rain cloud has a silver lining, the Asda big shops done, the house is sparkling ( well it was until hubby game home from a soggy round of golf!) and I spent four hours this afternoon swotting for the getting ever closer Maths exams. In total contrast to last week the shorts and sun cream were replaced by fluffy socks and a cardi, I was freezing, On the plus side I’m finally getting to grips with quadratics, it’s taken long enough. I wonder if I’ll remember any of it tomorrow!?!?
Hoping the weather improves.
A soggy bike ride in the morning
Bring it on!!


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