Keep On Running -Wish the Car Would Do the Same!!!

imagesCARY7JY6So although my car is nick named Archie (I name all my things!) I had never actually thought of it as a man -until tonight!! It clearly is a man, it can’t multi task. All I asked it to do was wipe its wipers and blow the heater ( and play the C.D, put the lights on and de-mist the back window -though they were all turned off if hubby asks !!)and it died, it didn’t even go anywhere -you can’t count the two inches I reversed out of my spot. It’s not really what you want at the best of times, it’s definitely not what you want when you’ve just run 6 miles in the pouring down rain, are soaked to the skin and want to get home as fast as you can -brill!

Thankfully hubby came to the rescue with his jump leads, but not before I’d lost all feelings in my hands, feet,knees, well just about everywhere really, But who cares. I’ve run SIX POINT ONE MILES, and in a half decent time too. Not bad to say it’s the first time I’ve run that far in nearly eighteen months. I’m happy,happy, happy. Still can’t feel my fingers. But happy all the same.

6.1 miles in 59 minutes

Hopefully the car starts tomorrow

Bring it on!!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. shazruns
    Feb 07, 2014 @ 06:12:40

    Good news well done


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