A Day Out with Grumpy and Trumpy……..



So another Tuesday, another training course. Why do they always happen on the same day as college. Now I’m sat here with brain ache -it’s not my best look, especially now hubby has shared his man-flu with me. It’s going to be fun on the bike in the morning!!!Still the course was quite interesting, granted if they’d cut the waffle it could have been over in a couple of hours, but it’s nice to have a day out of the class room now and then. Even if it means spending a day with the windy one (joys of eating ryvitas and salad!!) and Mr Notsohappy (though to be fair he was quite a happy little chap today!)

A busy day meant it was an early Janathon, by 6:15 this morning the run and various ab challenges were in the bag, 3 more days to go, lets hope I can keep this cold at bay.

1.2 mile sprint

100 sit-ups

150 crunches

60 leg lifts

90 seconds planking

50 squats

Back on the bike tomorrow

Bring it on!!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. titchii
    Jan 28, 2014 @ 22:24:33

    I so wish I had your morning motivation…I am in awe!


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