A little Cycle in the Sunshine………..

BE1cemZCEAA1J07At last it’s the weekend, though apart from not having to get up at six it doesn’t feel much different to a workday. It was gone 3 o clock before I finally got to sit down, and only then because I really wanted to crack on with some of my maths coursework. Whatever happened to the days of doing nothing on a weekend…..

Still it wasn’t all housework and boring stuff. Come 9:30 hubby and I were out on the bikes for a nearly 13 mile ride down by the canal – a slightly flatter and less muddy route than last week but it certainly wasn’t any easier. Never felt so much of a breath on my back on the way there, coming bike it was like cycling into a wind tunnel -still it cleared the sinuses out!!!


Thats nearly 30 miles of running and cycling logged this week, and theres still one day to go. Not sure whether to do a short run or bike ride tomorrow -any suggestions??

12 days done

Still feeling fit (to drop!)

Bring it on






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  1. jensruns2011
    Jan 12, 2014 @ 08:53:07

    Love the picture 🙂 Great mileage on the bike. Hope u manage to have a more restful day for yourself today.


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