Whoa oh oh, My Thighs Are on Fire………

20140105-203946.jpgSo having felt like a real runner again yesterday, today I woke up to the downside of geting back to running -jelly legs. You’d have thought I’d run a marathon not a mile and a bit! Still there was a nice bike ride to look forward to -joy. Actually I really did enjoy, once I’d gotten through the pain barrier – think that was mile ten!! Thankfully I was not the only one in pain, Hubby, who is recovering from a broken elbow was also feeling the pain -just somewhere else.

To say my thigh muscles were on fire is an understatement, but I plodded on (not sure that’s the correct cycling term but you know what I mean) lagging way behind hubby, but then that was a relief -he looked a right t*t in his new cycling balaclava type thing – it was like being out with a robber. still it kept his chin warm. There was also plenty to take my mind of my burning thighs -every man and his dog/bike/wife/kids were out. Our usual quite cycle route was like the M1 at rush hour. Ramblers, the husky dog walkers team (no really -I’ve never seen so many huskys in one place) the family walkers fun day out -complete with kids who clearly didn’t want to walk, the old cyclists the new cyclist, the father and son team and the my ‘head is so far up my own arse I don’t know how I manage to see where I’m cycling’ team. Honestly there are some bloody snotty cyclists out there -ok so I may not be mega fast or leap over tree roots or weave in and out of gravely bits at breakneck speed but so what,there’s no need for the pained looks of ‘what are you doing?’ I’m cycling just like you so do one fatso. Give me a nice friendly runner any day.

13.2 miles cycled (that’s what hubby’s phone said!)

Will I be able to move tomorrow?

Bring it on


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. shazruns
    Jan 05, 2014 @ 21:00:13

    Moving during Janathon is always tricky!


  2. stopthejiggle
    Jan 05, 2014 @ 21:06:35

    You cycled a half marathon! Well done


  3. happyday2day
    Jan 05, 2014 @ 21:35:47



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