So I’m having an early night, it’s not been the best of days if I’m honest . Come 10:30 I was back home from work, the school lurgy that I’d tried to stave off all weekend with buscopan and Imodium had won. Shouting for Huey was not really the way I wanted to start the week. Things got no better as the day wore on, hubby’s car decided to join the sick list, spewed oil all over the road and refused to budge. So that’s two of us in the sick bay.
Still at least before I felt the need to stick my head in the toilet I managed to watch the dress rehearsal for the infants nativity play – if you’ve never seen one you really should. Best twenty minutes entertainment you’ll ever see.
Apart from the usual ‘crying one ‘, ‘starstruck one’ and ‘finger up the nose for the entire performance one’ we had the ‘battling sheep two’, (full blown pull the costume war!) the. ‘back to front legged donkey’ one , the ‘do you really expect me to sing I ‘m only three you know’ one and the ‘for gods sake why am I wearing this girly costume’ one. It was ace, fab singing ,great acting and another occasion when I wished I’d had my camera.
Two of us in the sick bay
One will cost a lot less than the other to mend.
Bring it on!


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