Week to weak

I need a rest.

I need a rest.

I kind of knew it was going to be one of those weeks when come Monday morning I was trying to put my top on with the coat hanger still in it – not a good look. I got to work to find I was spending the day with the less happy of the seven dwarves (only joking Parky!) and things got no better when I nearly killed the ‘Asda Big Shop’ delivery man with an empty crate. Whoops!! Still he accepted my apologies – I didn’t realise he was on his way back with the next crate of shopping just at the same time as I was about to put my empty on the step for him to pick up. Oh well, maybe I should have given up there and then!!

From then on in things got no better, although Tuesday wasn’t too bad – I got full marks in my Maths test. Every time I cycled to work it wanged it down, Wednesday was a cabin fever indoor play day.Thursday and some of Friday was only survived thanks to Imodium, ginger biscuits and diet coke, Saturday saw me missing a family party due to feeling  crap and this morning I knew why I felt crap -furry tonsils the size of golf balls (slight exaggeration but they are definitely furry!) Joy -five days to half term, hurry up.

Still, there have been some plus points. Weekend cycling was back with  a vengeance and loads of mud, I managed to run a sneaky mile (though if my consultants reading this – I didn’t!) and Jack and his team mates played some great rugby this morning to get through to the next round of the cup.  Go Crigg! It’s the first game I’ve been to in a while and I really enjoyed it though I could have done without the female ref who I am sorry to say did nothing to promote the women’s side of rugby league. I have seen some very good female refs, (well two) in fact one was one of the best refs we’ve ever had. Todays ref wasn’t. She did her best to bring some sort of order into the game and in the end caused chaos, a 40 minute game lasted the best part of an hour and half -thank god I hadn’t put the beef in!!

Hope to feel a bit healthier tomorrow

Half term is nearly here

Bring it on

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