Stopping, Starting and a Game of British Bulldog


So the month of October is upon us (bloody hell, it’s nearly christmas!!) and from reading a few Facebook postings it seems that for many people the month is also Stoptober with many giving up smoking or drinking for a whole month. Good on them. As I don’t smoke and rarely drink, it wouldn’t be much of a hardship for me to stop those things, so what to do. Well instead of stopping something I’m starting. Yep, I’m starting to stand up for myself. No more doing everything for everyone else. From now on it’s all about my family and me. It’s quite liberating, Saturday, when I should have been doing something for other people I was having ‘me time’, people watching in the coffee shop (If only I’d remembered my camera!) it was bliss. I can’t remember the last time a Saturday morning was so relaxing.

The new me is also busy studying for my Maths GCSE and I’m loving it, some stuff is coming back really quickly, some isn’t. There are things I’ve never heard of before and there are things I wish I’d never heard of before – like probability. What a stupid waste of time that is, mutually exclusive or otherwise. Still it all adds to the fun. I’ve probably done more  in the last few weeks than I did in my entire ‘O’ Level year. Mind you, there wasn’t much chance to swot back then, school was shut more than it was open due to the teachers being on a work to rule type strike. Strangely they did most of their protesting in the local pub!! It really was a great school!!!

Still, I left the books for a time this morning to head out on my bike, it was a lovely morning and I could have spent the day out there, unlike last week I didn’t get lost once, granted I took a path to nowhere but I wasn’t lost. I could have done without the huge horse blocking the cycle path though, I cycled round the corner at full pelt and there it was, giving me the evil eye. I’ve played British Bulldog many times, but never with a horse,which ever way I moved the horse followed. In the end I spotted a gap in the bushes and made a break for it, bike and all. Not sure what the dog-walking couple thought of some nutty women flying out of the greenery screaming, but sometimes screaming is the only way to deal with things…..Mmmm, I wonder if it will help with the probability!!

Loving the new me

Will I keep it up

Bring it on


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  1. happyday2day
    Oct 07, 2013 @ 21:49:53

    know where your coming from 🙂


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