GCS Easy…………………Maybe Not!!!

So having done with all things Junior Rugby related (it’s truly not worth the hassle -people treating you like crap, day in, day out) I kind of expected to have loads of time on my hands…….It lasted all of five minutes. It’s my own fault. I decided it was time for another challenge and as running is still a long way off, (try January -pft!) god knows why but I am currently 3 weeks into a course to re-take my maths GCSE -why, why,why?!?!

I’ve got to say that despite my initial fears I’m quite chuffed with myself -I’m not quite the thicko I thought I was. Granted I’m sharing the class with dumb and dumber and if tonights anything to go by, even dumber still…….but hey,Just call me brians  brains! (joke  -honest!)

How much homework

loving it really

Bring it on

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