So, Just What Have We Been Up To……..



Only a week of the school holidays to go now and I’m sat here wondering just where the time has gone and more to the point just what have we done. Don’t get me wrong, this summer was never going to match up to the Olympic adventure we had last year, but one week seems to have rolled into the next with very little going on. Granted a broken ankle (Jack) and knee surgery (me) meant we couldn’t do much of anything for the first two weeks and in some ways I regret bringing the date of my op forward – you can’t get up hill and down dale on a pair of crutches. Still at least it’s done now and once I’ve seen the physio I can get back to being fully active -I’d better not tell the physio how much I’ve cycled in the last week or so though -I seem to remember them saying something about resting as much as possible……..

Anyway in between the hobbling about we have done somethings, cinema, seaside, shopping, growing (Jack, not me -he has well and truly shot up this holidays!) And we’ve signed up to do a zipwire across the Manchester Ship Canal – no really. Originally it was supposed to be across the pitch at the wildcats but that got cancelled, so we were given the option of jumping off the Imperial War Museum in Manchester and across the canal -I’ll try anything once. Good news is it’s all for a good cause -The Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust. See Link below -all donations gratefully received.

A week to go

Still time to get something done

Bring it on

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