Death by Moth at Midnight………………..sort of!!!

Killer Moth

Killer Moth

Well actually it wasn’t midnight it was one thirty if I’m to be exact, but whatever the time, for the third night in a row I couldn’t sleep. I don’t know why. I can’t blame the unbearable heat or the rain, the random digger or the singing drunk, I could blame Hubby’s ridiculous snoring ( and he claims I’m the loudest snorer!) or the crime drama that had me engrossed until 12:30 but for whatever reason come half one I abandoned the bed and got up for a coffee. Five minutes later I was stood in the front room, panic-stricken, frantically waving the paper around in the hope of killing a huge, and I mean huge, moth. There aren’t many things I fear. I hate snakes, loathe getting cramp in my legs (don’t ask) and I am absolutely terrified of moths. Thing is this was no ordinary moth, it was a mentally deranged one that clearly didn’t take too kindly to me turning on the light that it must have been sleeping on. What followed can only be described as a war as the flaming thing dive bombed me again and again, nothing could stop  it, not even getting swatted by the Wakefield Express. Just when I thought the evil thing had given up and skulked off to a darkened corner it came back for more. That was the final straw -I gave up and legged it to the kitchen, chased from the comfort of my own sofa by a minging moth -brill!!!

I will not mention getting a good night sleep

and then maybe I will

Bring it on!!!

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