A Night Under The Stars……………….Getting Wet Through!!!

Ok, Ok, I know I said it was wanging it down. I didn’t realise the wanging it down was going to get a whole lot worse and turn into a storm. Yep instead of some random digger waking me up at silly o clock (see yesterdays blog) I awoke to find my feet getting wet -the rain was blowing in, in all directions, bliss. For the second night in a row I did my ‘wander round the house starkers’ routine. This time to shut all the windows to stop everything from getting soaked. Not so much a balmy summers evening, more bleeding bonkers. Still it finally cooled down -sort of.

No bike ride today due to the still healing nicely knee (if it still feels like this next week I might try a sneaky few miles!!) so I had a little play with my camera instead, I haven’t done it in a while. I was quite pleased with some of the shots, all taken of flowers I received for my wedding anniversary. But I seem to be confusing my aperture from my f-stop etc and  I’m beginning to wonder if I need to re-read the various books I have or just not bother- maybe finding my own way is best. Practise makes perfect and all that.

I might shut the windows tonight

and maybe get some sleep……

Bring it on!



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