Boris the Third is on its way…….Or is it?!?!?

A Proper Bike!!!

A Proper Bike!!!

As much as I love my trusty bike Boris (the 2nd) there is one huge difference between my bike and hubbys – the weight. Initially it wasn’t a problem but as we cycle longer distances and venture onto more hilly/off-road terrains, it is becoming a lot harder for me to weave in and out of trees and up and down ramps and I’m getting left behind. So with work running another cycle2work scheme I decided to take advantage and upgrade Boris – not that I intended to upgrade to the extent I did -but that’s what happens when you’re married to a cycling expert. I will soon be a proud owner of an all singing all dancing, specially built for a lady, Boardman bike or I hope to be when Halfords find it!! How the hell you lose a bike is beyond me, how the hell you lose a bike that you had your hands on last night is even stranger. Yep, last night it was at the shop, now it’s gone. Seemingly the ‘Boardman Borrowers’ have buggered off with it during the night -great!!!

Hoping my bike turns up soon

Not that I’ll be able to ride it -knee surgery tomorrow

Bring it on!!

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