Adventure Holiday……The Last Day!

The Raft...Eek!!

The Raft…Eek!!

So that’s it, it’s all over bar the washing and ironing. Three days of adventure. I’ve loved every minute of it and even asked for a job, though looking at the age of most of the instructors I’m too old by about twenty years – oh well!!!
To any parents who ever think that Robin Wood isn’t for their kids I’d advise you to think again, they definitely need to go. It will push them to their limits and they will return far more confident for achieving goals they never expected to -it really is a brilliant, well organised and most importantly safe place.
So just what did we do on the last day, well mostly we got wet, very wet!! I suppose it was only to be expected considering most of todays activities took place on the lake but seemingly staff don’t usually join in the raft race, whoops -it looks like Laura and I got carried away again. It’s that ‘race’ word, we just can’t help ourselves!!!

First up was the canoeing, I’ve got to confess that I’m not very good at it, mainly because I get my left and right confused, so adding push and pull (or was it forwards and backwards) to it meant I just got myself in a knot, thankfully Laura (who clearly knows her left from right) was in the back. We were in with a chance -well we would have been if the main aim of the game hadn’t been to wet the teachers through -joy. Still if we were wet when we got out of the canoe we were just about to get a whole lot wetter.

Raft building – wood, ropes, inner tubes and six kids to build it. Easy enough until you had to row on the flaming thing. Moisturising my legs that morning was a bad move -I slid straight off!! And while using the paddles was ok when two were on it I soon realised that if there was only one of you on, all you were going to do was go round in circles. In the end it became less about the rafts and more about diving off them and swimming as fast as you could to the rock in the middle -Lovely, swimming in a swamp!!!

A fab few days

I’m sure I’ll sleep tonight

Bring it on!!!

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