Utter Madness Continues………

Well little did I know that when I mentioned that my life is utter madness at the moment, things were about to get even worse! It was lunchtime Monday and having nipped out of school,there I sat at the orthodontist watching Jack turn a whiter shade of pale as he had the first part of his brace fitted (poor kid -broken ankle, new brace. It really hasn’t been his week) when a text came. To be fair it is a message work have been waiting for for months now, but with only 2 weeks left until the ‘big holidays.’ We all wrongly assumed it wasn’t going to happen. Whoops!!

Yep, the hottest day of the year and the ‘Big O’ was heading in our direction, bliss. Still 48 hours later we had all survived and we seemed to be fortunate in having an half decent inspector (if you can have such a thing) on the premises, even if his name rather ominously started with the word kill!!!

So now the weekend is looming, the forecast is looking good and the houzzzzzzzzzzework may have to wait another week ( I have done 2 hours worth tonight -thats 2 rooms done, 5 rooms and 2 staircases to go!)Plus I  need to get packed -I’m on a school residential next week. Three days of zip-wires, climbing and canoeing – can’t wait!

Busy Busy

Even Busier Next Week

Bring it on

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