Through The Key Hole…..

key hole

Two weeks ago I finally got a letter from the local hospital for my referral appointment to see the surgeon about my knee, it has already taken me months to get to this point. So you can imagine my disappointment when all the letter said was that I would get an appointment within 18 weeks. EIGHTEEN WEEKS!  Ok, So I know my knee injury isn’t life threatening but it is stopping me from doing everything that keeps me fit, healthy and most importantly – sane! I have done everything the doctors have asked and even paid for 10 weeks of physio out of my own pocket, believe me it wasn’t cheap. So after nearly 7 months of waiting, another 18 weeks was just a step too far.

Thankfully, I have a friend in the know (cheers Gill) and after a few strong words with the secretary at my doctors I was allowed to use the new ‘choose and book’ system.  What an amazing system -I had an appointment within the week and today was the day…………..

At last, the end is in sight. Some time in the next 6 – 8 weeks I will be having keyhole surgery to sort my dodgy knee, I refrained from flinging my arms around the surgeon and kissing him, just. But it was just so nice to finally speak to someone who actually cared that my knee was stopping me from running and understood my need to get back out there pounding the pavements. Granted  he’s not promising I’ll be back doing marathons in no time but he’s hopeful I’ll get back to doing something. That little bit of hope is all I need.

Very very chuffed

The end is really in sight

Bring it on!!

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