Floored by a Door………..



Firstly apologies (again) for the lack of any blog in the last week or so, it’s not that there hasn’t been stuff to blog about, there has, I just don’t seem to be able to find the time to do it. I really need to get more organised. Mind you, you’re lucky to get a blog tonight. I’m supposed to be out – a meal and drinks to celebrate the end of SATS (come on it’s a stressful time for the staff too!) I was really looking forward to it until I had a run-in with a cupboard door and the cupboard door won. One minute I was putting the bubble bath away and the next I was laying in a heap on the floor – you could tell where I’d slid with the bloody streak across the bottom door -whoops. Thankfully, as is usually the case there was more blood than cut and other than a headache I thought I was fine………….maybe not!

I survived the day at work, even the cartwheels in P.E – just. However by four o clock I felt like I was walking on a ledge and how I drove home I’ll never know. So it was back to the ‘Earnshaw suite’ at the doctors, promptly followed by a trip to A& E, just my luck to get the OTT Doc. So now I’m officially concussed and need to rest – now do they mean their idea of rest or mine…………….

Full catch up tomorrow

I’ve rested for a whole hour now -is that enough!!

Bring it on


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