Well I was going to give you a blog on Sunday evening, just to mark the end of the holidays and the start of another school term, but alas it didn’t happen. Despite his best efforts to keep going ,even though he felt lousy (Mmm -I wonder who he takes after) Jacks on going mystery illness continued and by 9pm he was clutching a sick bucket and looking whiter than white -bliss. The following morning we were back in the doctor’s surgery again -fully expecting the previous weeks diagnosis of suspected glandular fever to be confirmed, Dr Brain (or Dr Brian if you’re like Jack and pants at reading) was 100% certain the tests were going to come back positive -oh well, even doctors get it wrong. So now we’re back on the ‘could it be a mystery viral infection’ road, only this time he’s been told to rest and even worse not play any sport -it’s going to be a long week or even two -lets hope he gets better soon.medal

So then I was going to try to catch up last night, I even started typing, but then some moronic cowardly b*****d decided to set a bomb off at the end of the Boston Marathon. That was the end of that, I sat glued to the T.V. watching the horror unfold. The world has truly gone mad, just what will be achieved by trying to blow up innocent runners and their families – absolutely nothing. Never will a marathon medal mean so little and yet mean so much.  Not much else I can say really.

Thoughts and prayers to those involved.

Bring it on







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