We’ve Only Gone and Found It……………

Well after nearly a week of searching we’ve found it, it’s taken some doing I can tell you. Yes after our adventures on Wednesday discovering abandoned railways and then the impromptu search on the internet to see whether it was or wasn’t (I know I’m a saddo!)We’ve been on the look out for a railway  – the Crigglestone Curve and Viaduct – that is 100% abandoned. But before we looked for that there was still the matter of Wednesdays discovery to look at. So was it an abandoned track -well your guess is as good as mine. If there are any railway relic enthusiasts out there who know -please get in touch. Anyway, abandoned or not we went for a look. There were two tracks up there and I would say one is certainly no longer in use -it had a big buffer at the end of the line but we didn’t walk any further along as the other track looked like it may have been used sometime recently -and the signal was on red -maybe that was a huge clue that it still worked. Still we had a great afternoon climbing here there and everywhere to see what else we could find.

Since then I’ve crossed fields(thanks for your help Ryan) been through tunnels and crossed becks -all in the hunt for the Crigglestone Viaduct that has seemingly been blocked off to the public, today we struck gold, or we would have done except some Health and Safety Saddos spoilt our fun -I was all for climbing the steel gate they’d put up to stop – well I’m not sure what its to stop -why can’t we go look, until I put my hands on the fence -some miserable git has painted it with tar….I’ll be back and next time I’ll be prepared -has anyone got any ladders……………..

A great find

Can’t wait to see more

Bring it on

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  1. Elaine
    Jan 11, 2014 @ 18:33:30

    Hi Jack’s Mum! We are heading out again towards these old railway relics on Sunday as my 16yr old Daughter is doing abandoned railway for her A Level Photography! Glad you show the viaduct is sealed off as we really hoped to get up there! Did you walk down past the navigation pub to get there on the left of the bank I think the little tunnel runs under the live railway there but it is currently gated and locked? If you can be of any help to us with directions please email me we would love to get to Crigglestone tunnel but think is very inaccessible! Your pictures are great thanks for posting them


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