Horsing Around on the Railway Ruins………Maybe!

Ok so it’s not the warmest of Easter holidays but it’s dry and bright and in the Earnshaw household that’s all that’s needed. As long as we’re outside we’re happy – well Jack and I are – hubbys working! So today Jack and I headed down to Walton nature park for coffee and cake by the water’s edge (well a Kit Kat Chunky – but you get the idea) and a chance for a play about with my camera. That created another first for me -photographing horses. I didn’t realise horses do facial expressions -other than long ones -but they do, and just like humans if you shoot in black and white (is shoot the wrong thing to say when talking about horses) they look even better -really!!

With the camera work done, well I could have gone on but Jack was clearly getting bored, we headed off on another magical mystery tour -why do I do these things. Before I knew it we were sat under a railway bridge – a high bridge – looking out over Wakefield -bliss. to be honest once my legs had stopped shaking the views were amazing. Then we found a way up onto the bridge to find what we think is disused railway, but not knowing for sure I didn’t dare go onto it. We came home to see what information we could find. So like a true saddo, I’ve spent over an hour trawling through websites and forums dedicated to abandoned railways -yes people really do post on these forums, there are photos and everything!! Not that I’ve managed to find out whether it is disused or not but I’ve found some that definitely are. Guess where we’re going tomorrow?!?!

A lovely day out

Heading to the railway ruins tomorrow

Bring it on



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. happyday2day
    Apr 03, 2013 @ 21:14:52

    some of the old railways are being reopened in the borders here and the stories of the days gone by are being rekindled 🙂


    • jacksmumontherun
      Apr 03, 2013 @ 21:31:17

      It’s so sad, all this history just left to disappear and then they’re going to build a high speed railway line straight through the middle of two nature parks -the country has gone mad!!!


  2. happyday2day
    Apr 04, 2013 @ 07:24:43

    Oh yes heard about the trains didn’t know 2 nature parks involved !!..we had a bypass cut through a country park in Midlothian damn shame and we have the trams being put back in Edinburgh after taking them out in the first place jeez make your mind up!


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