Happy Holidays…………


So I’m sat here all alone -it’s bliss. The men in my life have gone to the rugby and for once I’ve stayed home (I hate going to Cas its full of dodgy folk with no teeth!) In some ways I’m glad, I really didn’t fancy an evening with a life-size Telly Tubby. Yep as much as I knew Jack loved his new Wakey Onsie I really didn’t expect him to wear it on match days -still it will be a great photo to embarrass him with when he’s older. To be honest I feel like I’m at the game anyway -hubbies texts are coming thick and fast (or is it fast and thick -I didn’t get the last one, how was I supposed to know the triangle with a smiley face was a pile of poo!) Anyway as things stand at nearly half time Wakey are winning  18 -0-C’mon Trinity.

It looks like it could be a great start to the Easter Holiday, I’ve got to admit I’m ready for it. We may have just had one of the shortest school terms in history but for some reason Christmas seems to have been a life time away (24 -0 sorry this games distracting!!!) Granted things didn’t get off to the best of starts when I had to have class 5 on my own for the first week back as the class teacher had man -flu (only joking Parky -I know you were proper poorly -for once!) and we seem to have been playing catch up ever since. Then there’s been Mothers day stuff to do, Comic Relief, Easter concerts, Egg rolling and Egg decorating -phew. Not sure how we had time for any schoolwork -but we did -just. All in all it’s been a pretty successful term and I won the decorated egg  competition (all my own work – no pushy mum help for me!!) I nearly won the egg-rolling -only my huge egg let me down…………alright I tried to pass a rugby ball off as a boiled egg -it nearly worked!!! One day I’ll grow up -maybe.


 Easter at last

 Time for taking it easy (A-hem)

Bring it on!!!


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