Compact Comics…….

Comic Relief Day dawned and the Methodist J & I kids had fallen for our  little white lie (more like huge whopping one) hook, line and sinker (well most of them did). After 2 weeks of promotional films and ridiculous plugging  they truly believed that a brand new dance act, ‘COMPACT’, just back from touring the U.S.A no less, were coming to our school to perform in Assembly -whoops!! Shame it was just us – 5 staff out to make idiots of ourselves for a good cause.

 To be honest it went pretty well (I think -I haven’t seen the video yet!), the months of never-ending practice (2 weeks!) paid of and judging by the screams (of laughter) we put on a pretty decent show. I loved every minute of it -even the ‘being so nervous I couldn’t eat my weetabix’ bit. For me it was a childhood dream come true – I always longed to be a dancer but I had 2 left feet and didn’t know my left from my right -it was never going to happen. So today was my Jim’ll fix It moment (the bit where you got a badge not the ongoing enquiry bit) my five minutes as possibly the oldest street dancer out there. Mmmm I wonder what we can do next…….

Best Friday in ages

The weekends here

Bring it on!!

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