Ha’pie’ Mothers Day and a dodgy knee………..

Mothers Day Lunch

Mothers Day Lunch

The joys of being a Rugby Mum – not that I’d have got a lie-in anyway, but Jack is now playing Sunday instead of Saturday. Oh well, it won’t be the first Mothers Day I’ve spent freezing my wotsits off at the side of a pitch and it certainly won’t be the last. I’m sure I can pretend that a bacon buttie at the rugby club is my breakfast in bed, trouble is we won’t make it out for a Mothers Day lunch either Wakefield are at home……Match day pie anyone!!

So another busy weekend beckons -I’m looking forward to it to it to be honest, I’m coming very close to suffering from ‘pissed off’ syndrome. No reason in particular, just a collection of things, not least my dodgy knee doing it’s dying swan act again. All I did was ask for a few miles on a treadmill and it did it’s best proffesional footballer impression and dived to the ground and rolled around like a saddo -any chance of me doing the Edinburgh Marathon in May are now well and truly gone (gutted)  Still I’ve shown it who’s boss and strapped it back in place -a bike ride beckons. I don’t give in that easily.

Roll on my Knee scan

Back running soon

Bring it on!!


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