Australian Crumble…..and a tip!!!!

So we’re almost at the half way point in the school year -just where does the time go?!?! Halfway point means Jack switches from Needlework ,or whatever they call it nowadays (I’m now the proud owner of a cushion cover chef-it cost me three quid and matches sod all in my house but hey he made it all himself. Can’t wait till year 9 apparently they make an ugly doll!!)) to  Food Technology (cooking). First dish of the season – apple crumble. I’ll give him his due he has the makings of a great cook – it tasted delicious. The presentation however was somewhat lacking. I’m sure it looked fine when he took it out of the oven, it probably still looked fine when he carefully put it into his box to bring it home and his teacher helped him put it in the carrier bag without it tipping up. The problem came when he stuffed his carrier into his schoolbag – upside down crumble anyone!! Just to add to the fun Jack forgot to take the 25p (spare ingredient money – you never know!) )  out of the serving dish thankfully hubby spotted the shiny bits before I served it up with custard. Oat cookies after the holidays – can’t wait.

Apple crumble – yum yum

Burnt the calories off on Boris

Bring it on

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