Grumpy Monday……………………

Grumpy2Well I didn’t wake up grumpy,he woke up first ,(only joking Ernie!!) No I wasn’t grumpy at all, in fact as Monday’s go I was pretty lively. Then I got to work. If you think working with hormonal women is bad try sharing your workplace with a bloke – it’s a good job I’m a laid back kinda girl and try to look on the brightside. Thankfully he finally cheered up (about 3 o clock) not such a bad day after all.

On the Janathon front it was a quick swim day, half a mile of front crawl in between Jack rabbiting on about this and that. Even swimming doesn’t stop his yabbering -he’s fitter than me,I’ve all on breathing never mind talking. Three days left and counting.

Swim done

gym tomorrow

Bring it on


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