Cabin Fever Kids…………….and Adults!

cartoon3907Well it’s fair to say it’s been a very long week -wintry weather is all well and good until you’re stuck inside with 30 year 5 kids who are desperate to just play out -then it becomes a nightmare. They all get fed up of one another, spend all day looking longingly at the snow and loose all focus (not sure if that’s the kids or the staff!). Anyway, seemingly the thaw is on its way and normal service will be resumed next week -wahoo!!

In the meantime there is a Janathon to finish and today I finally made it to the gym, I was one of the only ones who did, I had the place to myself bar one groaning man doing the weights machines -is there really any need to make such a noise -no. It doesn’t make lifting the weights any easier -I tried it,all I got was a sore throat!! So I did the cross trainer, bike, weights, rowing machine and even had a sneaky go on the treadmill (shh) -it didn’t give me the same buzz as road running but it was the closest I’ve come in a long time. Maybe its time to become a gym junkie minus the dodgy vest…….

An hour in the gym

hoping to finish Janathon with a flourish

Bring it on

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