Snow Patrol Available……..

miffy bikeSo another Janathon day and another power walk to and from work – is this snow ever going to clear so that I can be reunited with Boris and get pedalling again. Thankfully the forecast says a thaw is heading this way -it’s a good job to be honest because if we were to rely on the local council to clear the roads and paths it would never happen. Yes, our local council are, to quote the lady my mum spoke to today ‘only doing the main roads’. Well that the answer she got when she rang to ask if there was any chance the road they live on could be gritted. The nice lady on the phone did, however, suggest that my mum might like to join the  ‘Snow Patrol’ (not the one’s of ‘Chasing Cars’ fame) and clear her own road, and that if she could do this she’d get her own shovel and hi-viz vest!! All well and good except my mum’s 70 – the world really has gone mad!!


Another 4 miles logged

Hoping for a thaw tomorrow

Bring it on

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