Snow Bored…………..




It’s bad enough that I  can’t run -I’m seriously  fed-up with my stupid knee. By the time I get past the ‘evil receptionist’ to get a docs appointment to sort out a scan it will be christmas!!! I can’t go on like this I was born to run (well actually I was born to be dead clumsy and trip up and fall over a lot- a girl can dream!) I need to be out there pounding the pavements – I’m going mad!! I suppose the situation is not helped by not being able to get on the bike thanks to the dodgy weather – I know other people are risking it  but I’m a wuss (a clumsy wuss). So at the moment I’m walking everywhere and anywhere. To be honest it’s more of a march than a walk, in fact some might call it a slow run ( I know what my physio would call it – suicide!!) I walked to work in 20 minutes this morning – over a mile and a half in the snow and I did a similar pace coming home ( the long way round!) but it’s still not running! Oh well at least I am doing something -I wonder if they do snow tyres for the bike……………………..

More Janathon miles logged

Mmm -what will I do for Janathon tomorrow

Bring it on

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