Snow Way to Carry On……………..

So the weather did as predicted, it snowed, causing the majority of Wakefield to come to a grinding halt -why?  If we’d had 6ft of snow fair enough but I don’t think we reached 6 inches. By half six this morning we’d had the ‘school is shut’ text for Jack – due to there being no buses -er, what!! We live near a main road, with a bus depot very close by -no buses? But sure enough Arriva buses had called back every bus due to the treacherous conditions which seems very strange when Ernie managed to get his Audi off our snowy road and to work with no problem whatsoever!

So with Jacks school shut I waited with baited breath for news of my schools closure -by eight o clock I was still waiting, looked like Jack was the lucky one. I left him getting ready to go sledging and set off on the snowy walk to work – 100m from work I got the message we were shut – Lord Farquaad of Thornes (private Joke) had shut the school. I could have gone sledging after all!!

Still, on the plus side it gave me chance to get some snowy shots with my camera and fit an extra walk in – I’ve got to keep my Janathon mileage up, I really can’t bike in this. Hoping for some normality tomorrow and another snowy walk to work.

2 walks done – 6+ miles in total

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on

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