When the Red Red Robin……………

Wintry Walk

Wintry Walk

Now if  I told you that I’d spent some of the morning chasing a robin round the garden you’d probably think I was stark raving bonkers – well you’re right, I am! We have a new feathered friend in the Earnshaw garden -Rodney the Robin – a cute little thing who seems to have taken residence in the bottom of our hedge. Alas he seems a little camera shy.Everytime I sneaked out to try and get a shot of him he flew off. I even tried  staying out in the snow trying to look inconspicuous in the hope he’d stay on the fence but not a chance – maybe I need a camouflage coat.

Anyway, Janathon day 19 was another walk – a slightly longer one than yesterday and even more wintry. The main purpose of the route I took was to see if it was passable by bike  – hubby and I we’re hoping to head out on them tomorrow. So now it’s a case of wait and see, if the snow flurries carry on we’re in with a chance if it freezes we can give it a go but if we do I’m wearing full body armour as I don’t envisage staying upright for long – not if the last couple of weeks are anything to go by.

3.5 miles walked

fingers crossed for time on the bike tomorrow

Bring it on


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  1. henniemavis
    Jan 20, 2013 @ 03:26:02

    Wintry walks are the prettiest! We have snow most of the winter, so I speak from good experience 🙂 That’s a lovely photo… & yesterday’s snowballing sounded fun, too. Keep up the Janathoning!


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