Does Snowballing Count……………….


Ok so I wasn’t just snowballing I was walking as well -fitting something in for Janathon has been hard going today. My original plan was to walk to and from work but in reality it was a no go as I really needed to get the Asda big shop done after work having not made it last night due to the unexpected snow. So I changed my plans and intended to do the Asda big shop then head to the gym before picking Jack up and heading home but that didn’t work either. I was an age at Asda, by which time the snow was coming down big style -don’t get me wrong it wasn’t the bring the world to a standstill snow -you know the sort. That half an inch that sends the news programmes into a media frenzy. But with my gym in the middle of a park with a dodgy road and the time getting near rush hour I decided it really wasn’t worth the hassle. So I opted for a brisk wintry walk with Jack -only a mile but a mile worth walking if only to batter Jack with snowballs -they were quite heavy snowballs -maybe I can log a weightlifting session as well…………..

Loving the snow…

But would like to get on Boris sometime soon

Bring it on




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