Snow Point Going…………..


Well in the end it had to be the gym, I almost went on the bike this morning but although conditions would have been manageable going, coming home was a different story. The forecasted snow had arrived earlier than expected. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t a ‘bring the roads to a standstill’ flurry but it was a ‘I’m not chancing my luck on my bike in that’  sort of flurry. With running still a no no (yes I would have run in the snow, I really am that mad) I headed to the gym. It’s the first time I’ve been in a while, it was interesting to say the least. A bit like the swimming yesterday (don’t worry I’m not going to start ranting) But I do wonder why some people actually go -they don’t do anything. As I furiously pedaled away on the bike doing my best ‘Wiggo’ impression -only slower and the lady opposite pounded away on the treadmill everyone else sort of milled about doing, well-doing naff all really.

Take the pretty boy gang – tight (way too tight)vests, trackies hanging three-foot below their crotch, black pumps (they were called indoor shoes when I went to school) and woolly hats – they occasionally lifted some weights in between removing their hats to sweep their fringe to one side then left. Fair enough. Then there was the mega weights gang -mahoosive muscles sticking out the top of ridiculous looking string vests that cut just under their nipples -nice. Lots of grunting and groaning and slurping of protein shakes -then they left. Two young girls plastered in make-up, perfect hair, leggings vest and converse boots – two minutes on the bike two minutes on the treadmill, 2 lifts of the kettlebell then they were gone. Just me and the lady on the treadmill left. Still, people watching passed the time as I flew up the virtual mountain – I got bored with the virtual velodrome!! My indoor cycling was done in no time.

10 miles in 32 minutes

Hope the snow stops or looks like being the gym again tomorrow

Bring it on.

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