Frosty Bum……………..

Frozen-BikeDon’t worry, I haven’t fallen on the ice or fallen off my bike and onto the ice. In fact I made it to and from work on the bike fairly easily despite the frosty conditions. Granted by the time I got to work I had lost all feeling in my face (the only uncovered place -everything else was well wrapped up) but I made it there safely all the same. It was going home that was the problem. You see I did wonder why my cycling tights didn’t seem to fit right when I set off  by the time I got to the first corner I knew why -I’d forgotten to put my thermals under them! It was a tad chilly but still not the cause of my  frosty bum. That came later, around about the time I decided that due to the frosty conditions the normally boggy path would be passable -wrong decision. The path was now an icy bog and as I pedaled through I was splattered with icy muddy water -soaked to the skin -whoops. Thankfully I was only a mile from home so didn’t have chance to freeze totally but the ice crystals were definitely forming ……..

5 more Janathon miles cycled

Will remember to actually wear the thermals tomorrow

Bring it on!

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