Snowy Standstill…..Maybe not

Here we go again -3 flakes of snow and the whole country comes to a standstill, every news bulletin is full of reports of just how bad things are -except they’re not! Granted here in West Yorkshire we’ve had more than 3 flakes, more of a light covering but it’s no major issue. Had it not been for my dodgy knee I’d have been out running as usual and the only reason I took the car instead of Boris this morning was because I needed to buy 10 x 4 pints of milk for work and I don’t think I could have pedaled with all that hanging on my handle bars. People need to get a grip!! My only real issue with the snow was the fact it came down on a work day -why couldn’t it have come on my day off so I would have time to take lots of snowy pictures!! So I had to make the best of the time I had. No doubt my neighbour opened her curtains and wondered what the ‘loony next door’ was up to now, as I stood on the garden bench in my jim jams taking pictures of a snowy bush, but 6:30 this morning was the only chance. Well apart from this evening when I was hanging out of the attic window intending to take pictures of the snowy rooftops -but I got distracted by the moon…..oh well!!

No running or cycling but had a great swim

Hopefully not snowed in tomorrow (a-hem!)

Bring it on

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  1. femmerun
    Jan 14, 2013 @ 21:54:34

    That moon picture is fab!


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