Kn’easily’ Does It………………

SpiltMilkInProg 2Well to be honest it was anything but easy. The joys of going back to work after the christmas holidays were made even worse by the class teacher being off with the dreaded flu meaning I was teaching all day – aarrgghh!!! To be honest I knew it was going to be ‘one of those days’ when I couldn’t get the handbrake off my car.God knows what hubby did to poor Archie when he parked him up last night but the flaming thing wouldn’t move. In the end I had to ask a ‘nice man’ to help. Things didn’t get any better when I called at Sainsburys for the milk -Sainsburys are clearly having to cut back and use cheaper stuff like the rest of us -I hadn’t even made it to the door before the handles snapped on the carrier bags -still no point crying over spilt milk…..(sorry that’s my worst joke ever!!)

Anyway, on the plus side the first day flew by and in no time at all I was back home and heading out the door for a quick run. I wish I could say my knee had stopped sulking and ran problem free,but no it was having none of it. I still dragged it round for 2+ miles before I let it give up. I’m sure it will have stopped throbbing by the morning.

2.6 miles run

Back to work on the bike tomorrow

Bring it on


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