Ding Ding….Round two


Now I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve been out on trusty old Boris -various reasons. The christmas rush, the dodgy bug etc etc ,but I really didn’t expect my legs to turn to jelly quite so soon. To be fair once I’d got past the first few miles they didn’t feel so bad and if they did I was revelling in getting splattered with mud – off-road cycling, I love it. Well apart from the bit where I got stuck in the mud -note to self -must pedal harder!! The only downside to todays cycle was a gang of stroppy ramblers -why do they think they own the place!! Now I know I don’t have a bell on my bike but I always shout ‘excuse me’ in plenty of time. But that wasn’t good enough for the ‘stroppy ramblers’ -no apparently if you don’t have a bell you should shout ‘ding ding’ rules of the countryside and all that (don’t remember reading that in the countryside rulebook -I’m sure they were taking the p***!) Anyway I smiled politely (while sticking 2 fingers up in my mind) and pedaled of on my second lap. When I came to them again I did as asked and shouted ‘ding ding’ were they happy -no! I made them jump…………………Pft!!!

Still it was a good ride out and it was the only Janathon thing I intended to do today, well it was but then my legs started to seize up -so I went for a sneaky run, feeling fine now but give it a few hours and I just might need a swim -what time does the leisure centre shut!

5.8 miles cycled. 2.2 miles run

Mileage adding up nicely

Bring on day 3

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  1. happyday2day
    Jan 02, 2013 @ 20:59:33

    …hahaha! that made me laugh!!…. ‘ding ding’…. certainly a new one on me!…..


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