Christmas Madness and Magic……………..

Not long left Trev.....

Not long left Trev…..

Well if yesterday was busy, today, well today was flaming well bonkers. I didn’t really intend to go back into town again, but I had to go and claim back my £10 that I had to pay to get out of the car park yesterday when I lost my token. The token turned up, it had fallen through the tiniest of holes in the lining of my bag – I had to cut a bloody big hole in it to get it back -pft! Still at least I got my tenner back. Town was chaos – the queue coming out of M&S for the christmas orders went all through the shopping centre. By the time you’d queued for your ready done veg (£8 for a pack of ready to cook carrots and red cabbage!) you could have peeled,cooked eaten it and washed up -and saved a packet into the bargain. Is it really so hard to peel a few veg or am I just a tight git!!

Sainsburys was no better – I only wanted some veg (the sort you peel yourself) but some people were shopping like the world was about to end trolleys full of ridiculous amounts of food – the couple in front of me must have had an entire housing estate round for breakfast -why else would you want 8 loaves of bread (now if they’d have had some fishes they could have fed thousands…..) Then there was the’ which checkout queue to join’ dilemma – hoping and praying that the queue you was going to choose didn’t move quicker than the one you ended up in. Next year I’m going to do what the guy next to me did -shove in!! What a commotion he caused, but he beat us all through the tills!! Trolley rage -love it!!

Still my christmas spirit was restored tonight – 3 tiny carol singers knocked on our door, I don’t think one of them was over the age of 5. All wearing santa hats, tinsel and flashing lights -bless em. Now I know it’s nearly christmas Santa’s on his way. So I’ve just Trev (the turkey) to pick up from the butchers tomorrow and I’m done. Hopefully I’ll have time to sneak another 2.5  mile run in and hopefully it will be less windy than tonights run -hard

2.3 miles run

Christmas Eve Run tomorrow

Bring it on

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