Christmas Past or Present……………

tree toastIt’s funny how some places are stuck in a time warp, stuck in a time gone by when flock wall paper and flowery carpets were all the rage and don’t forget the little metal teapots that dribble water everywhere when you pour your tea out. Yes, Val’s tea shop is such a place -somewhere I haven’t been in a long time but it hasn’t changed a bit in the last twenty years. Val has long since gone and has been replaced by some gay dude whose even fussier than the original owner. But if me getting my toast served in the shape of a christmas tree didn’t show just how stuck in the good old days the tea shop is then the two ladies who came in wearing their rainmates (do they really still sell those things) certainly did. Still to give the little old ladies their due it was wanging it down.

Yep- the rain has never really let up today, not really christmas weather at all.Still it didn’t stop the last-minute shoppers frantically dashing from shop to shop while the ‘Sally Army’ (I could have stood and listened all day) played christmas carols – and there’s still two shopping days left -can it really get much busier? Still, present wise, I’ve done. Just the last minute foodstuff to get tomorrow and ‘Trev the Turkey’ to collect from the butchers on Monday and that’s it – maybe it’s nearly time for a christmas drink!!

Busy wrapping Prezzies

Did I really buy so much stuff

Oh Well – bring it on.



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