Busy Busy Busy……………..

BARLA-YouthJuniorFinalsTwo blogs in one night is good going, especially when you consider the busy day we’ve had but I just wanted to wish the lads good luck for tomorrow in my own little way. Yes, finally the BARLA cup finals are almost upon us and are one of the reasons for a very busy Saturday – still it will be worth it once we’re on the coach tomorrow.

Thankfully, for some reason we woke ridiculously early this morning. So we’ve managed to fit in crimbo shopping, crimbo tree decorating, a bit of tidying up and I’ve been out for tea with my ‘Big Bro’ as well as packing up the kit, ironing the matchday jumpers (all 21 of them – mind you last year I had shirts as well!) and getting my camera and stuff ready. Now I’m finally sitting down and contemplating whether a glass of wine will help me to relax – i hope it will. These pre-match day nerves are tough (good job I’ not playing). Hopefully I’ll get a better sleep tonight – last night I dreamt the opposition turned up wearing top hat n tails and I had to give CPR to a man with plastic lips – Mmm so that means what exactly!!!

Chuffed to have got so much done

Proud Mum tomorrow – no matter what

Bring it on

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