A Slippy Start to the Week……..

So, as seems to be the norm of late I woke up this morning and wondered where the hell my weekend had gone – it seems to have passed by in a blur of science experiments, art projects and lots of moaning from various people.(see yesterdays blog) Still I won’t dwell on it — new week and all that. Not that the week got off to a great start – a very cold night mixed with rain and another drop in temperature meant our street resembled a bobsleigh run and my ickle ‘Archie Aygo’ really didn’t like it. Just my luck that I live on a street that is prone to black ice and I also work on one that is just the same. In fact with my run of recent bad luck I was tempted to sit in the car and wait for the frost to go this morning because if the roads around work were bad the staff car park was something else. A very league winners 095slippy

Worth waiting for

Worth waiting for

something else. Do they do Yak Trax for Aygo’s?

Mondays here again

Only 3 more weeks to the crimbo holidays

Bring it on.

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