New Shoe Syndrome Srikes………Again!

boots_940325Well not only did I  have new running shoes on today I had a completely new style of running shoe on. Gone are my Nike free runners (nice while it lasted – but free running is clearly not for me!) and in come Brooks Ghost Runners ( no there isn’t a spooky figure running after me). So how did it go -well new shoe syndrome is bad enough but new shoe syndrome with a completely different style of shoe  it wasn’t my best run. To be honest I would have probably run just as well in a pair of hobnail boots. To add to the fun it was somewhat slippy underfoot – it wasn’t a good look.  Still, give it a couple of weeks and I’m sure the shoes will be like slippers, I will finally be able to up my mileage and my out of line kneecap will be a distant memory – well c’mon it ’tis the season to be jolly’ nearly. you’ve got to live in hope.

Yet another 2 miles run

Out on the bike tomorrow

Bring it on

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