The whole of the Moon……..Maybe Not!!





Well I did have an early morning run planned but I think the stresses and strains of Jack’s review day (more on that later) had finally got to me and I just couldn’t summon myself to get up any earlier than my alarm clock – oh well there’s always tomorrow. Still not running gave me time to do other things – like taking photos of the moon!! Yep at 6:30 I was  in the middle of the garden, stood on my bench, still in my PJ’s and a pair of furry boots attempting to take pictures of the full moon. God know why, it was just shinning so beautifully in the sky I couldn’t resist……I think I’ve gone mad!!!

Maybe the madness is the reason I forgot my dinner, forgot to put Jacks pack-up in his bag and even worse I forgot to take my ‘upper decker flopper stopper’ to work.Yes, despite the very frosty conditions I went on my bike  – I had to make up for my non-run some how. But in my rush to get out there I forgot an important piece of clothing – my bra! Thankfully my lack of knockers meant nobody really noticed that I spent the entire day wearing a sports vest under my top – you see there are some advantages to being flat chested.

So to back to Jack’s review day, amazingly within the space of 24 hours Jack has gone from being a non-tryer to top of the class – funny that. Something tells me these targets and levels aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

The weekend’s here again.

Time to relax

Bring it on

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