The things you see and the things you do……….

Well I’ve seen some  running sights in my time pounding the streets, camels,trees, rhinos, the lady in a sequined dress. (London Marathon) Runners in so many layers of clothing I don’t know how they move, barefoot runners, bare arse  runners (London again!) but todays sight was a new one on me. Now I know it was raining this morning, in fact it was more than raining – waders were definitely required – but running with an umbrella!!! No really, the lady runner I passed this morning (she was a real runner -tights, trainers, the whole lot!!) had her brolly up. Not only that but she was clinging on to it for dear life as it was also blowing a gale……..Er, new one on me – maybe she was hoping, well I don’t really know what she was hoping for – still by the time I’d done wondering I was back home again. Another 2 miles in the bag.

It’s been a bit of a sporty dayall round really, running before work, swimming after and then table tennis. But not any old table tennis Jack and I did it paralympic style -no really. But instead of wheelchairs we had bar stools – height adjustable bar stools no less. Hours  of endless fun trying to hit a ball while moving a stool up and down – a right workout. Just how the hell do the Paralympians do it!!!

2 miles run and a nice little swim

Back on the bike tomorrow

Bring it  on

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